Bob Ramey
4 min readNov 9, 2020



I think that Joe Biden would have been better off had he not visited the Gettysburg battlefields. He just loves, and keeps repeating as though it’s his own, that part of President Lincoln’s inaugural, "We are not enemies, but friends".

When President Lincoln delivered that speech in March 1861, seven states, with four more to follow soon after, had already seceded from the union and then President Lincoln refused to remove federal troops from Fort Sumpter. He refused on the grounds that the Fort was federal property despite its presence on South Carolina land and South Carolina was the first state to secede. From South Carolina’s viewpoint, the presence of federal troops on its land was intolerable.

In April 1861 Confederate troops began a bombardment of Fort Sumpter and the shooting war began. Over the next four years, approximately 750,000 soldiers would die.

Hardly the work of close friends.

In 2020 we’ve yet to reach that point. Yet. But it would be absurd to suggest that a state of war does not exist in the United States. It does. For the past five years the Democrat party, the mainstream media, anarchists, and others have levied constant and continuous war on President Trump. Starting the day he announced his candidacy until today and every day in between. Had they restricted their tactics to traditional opposition to policies, the president and his supporters, we Trumpers, would have said, Well OK, that’s politics. But they didn’t do that. They lied, they paid for a fake dossier, they made up tales of Russian collusion, they placed moles inside the administration, they conducted a fake impeachment, and the list goes on. During the 2020 campaign his Democrat opponent labeled him personally responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans from the Chinese Corona Virus.

And now, after the election, one after another instance of apparent ballot fraud have been discovered and the supposed guardians of truth, the media, show their true colors, for the millionth time over the past five years, by demeaning the president’s efforts to get to the bottom of the allegations. In which alternate universe do tens of thousands of ballots, all for Biden, suddenly appear out of the blue and no one in the press even questions, how? Where were they? Suddenly tens of thousands of ballots with no candidate selection except one, Joe Biden, appear out of the ether and no one in the presss questions the apparent inconsistency. And then, even after a court order to segregate certain ballots, the local Democrats simply ignore the order and mix them all together. And with all this…